Frame Interactive

Independent Video Game Developer

Headmaster for PSVR is a Virtual Reality (VR) game about heading virtual soccer balls with your actual head.  In it, you are a professional football player who had a poor season, so your club has sent you to The Football Improvement Center... which is not a prison.

To return to your club, you'll need to undergo "Heading Re-education". Just when it can't get any weirder... it gets normal. And then weird again. Play with friends or on your own as you build your skills and solve the vast variety of challenges in this PSVR exclusive.

  • A new mechanic that's only possible in Virtual Reality
  • Accessible to non-gamers and a great introduction to VR that requires no controller for gameplay. 
  • Tons of laughs - a great party game that makes use of the PSVR Social Screen.
  • Crossover appeal between VR, Sports, and Video Games.
  • Pitched as the strange love child of Wii Sports and Portal

Headmaster was announced at E3 in June 2015 and will be an exclusive launch title for PSVR when it is released (current public release window is Q2 2016).

For more information see the official Headmaster website.